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Fronthistoriska Föreningen (FHF) is a Living History or Reenactment association which was formed in 2008 with the purpose of portraying German infantry soldiers during the later stages of the war, 1943-1945.

FHF have a goal to participate in three to four field and training events as well as public events per year. During field and training events the emphasis is on the day to day life of a German soldier during the war, both in front line situations and behind the line. This includes how to act as a German soldier, tactics, weapon care and use, field works etc.
During public events we present different types of displays for the public where we display our material and present ourselves and what we do.

We also have made friends with many other associations across Europe which have led to invitations to participate in big events outside of Sweden.

In reenactment we always try to give an authentic image of what life during the war would look like and this demands a considerable degree of knowledge and respect of the hardship and struggle people went through during the war. With this in mind it is always a balancing act to portray a German soldier and not to upset people. You have to do it right and with a great amount of respect and this is very important for us in FHF. It is a far more serious matter than just play war dressed in 70 year old uniforms.