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Review by Köhler
The Denix replica Mauser K98

A time ago Zib-militaria posted a replica Mauser K98 from Denix on their Facebook page which got my interest. As there is no other Mauser replicas out on the market what I know of and airsoft versions can be quite expensive the Denix replica seemed like a good choice. I might add that deactivated rifles are forbidden in Sweden and blanks are hard to get license on.

With that sorted out I want in the following text write a little review of my recently bought K98.

To start with, the price was quite decent and I payed some 149.90 € which is a fair price for this piece. It's made of metal and wood and for you who know Denix replicas know that the metal is some sort of molded metal.

The finish of the metal is a bit crude on some areas as the trigger guard, and front iron band otherwise it looks rather good. A bit shiny black colour but I'm sure that will be worn down with use and get a better finish after some time. About moving parts I will only mention that the cleaning rod is solid and will not come of which is a bit of a downer but hey, you get what you pay for. The rear sight is movable but you cant shift the range button. Last but not least you can't dislodge the bolt from the rifle, only load and fire the rifle with a low ”click” sound as is common among Denix replicas.

The wood that the stock is made of feels robust and got a nice finish but might need some love to look even better though. It posesses a nice dark woody colour tone which I personally like.

To sum things up this Denix Mauser K98 replica is a fine piece, a bit crude in some parts but overall a good substitute if you not got the possibility to get live firing rifles or blanks and can't afford or find good airsoft versions. I will give it a 6 of 10 in finish and quality and a 8 out of 10 when it comes to price cause 149,90 € is cheap.

Photo: Pink Stripe Photography